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about MAMCF

Though cancer is often thought of as a disease that usually strikes later in life, new research shows that 18 percent of newly diagnosed cancer patients are parents to one or more minor children. Of these patients, nearly a third of them are caring for children under the age of six. Researchers estimated that 562,000 children are living with a parent who is in the early or late stages of cancer treatment. New research shows that 18% of newly diagnosed cancer patients are parents to minor childrenThis means that 2.85 million children in the United States are living with a parent who is battling or has survived cancer. To get the estimated number of cancer patients with kids, Weaver and colleagues analyzed recent data on cancer survivors from the U.S. National Health Interview Survey. Founders Jennifer Boyd and Sean O'Neill discovered a need to address these families facing cancer. Thought leaders agree that this is an underserved group in the cancer community. MAMCF was created in 2013 to address the needs of these families. Program Director Olivia Yance created programs to specifically address the concerns of mothers and their children. Learn more about MAMCF's history.


Our mission is to provide support to young mothers who are battling life-threatening cancer who also raise minor children. Your generosity and support will help these families with financial assistance, group support, hair replacement, children's books about cancer and more. With your help we will lift their spirits, provide hope and enhance their quality of life. Contact Us



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